Cupid’s Crush Hunt – Hint List

Last Updated: February 1st, 2019

Hello Hunters!

It’s time! February 1st is here, and that means Cupid’s Crush Hunt 1 has begun. You will have all 28 days of February to hunt through these talented, giving creators in order to find your hunt prizes.

** As a reminder, this is a L$2 hunt, so all prizes will be L$2 each. **

You will find the landmarks to each location in an attached Landmark Box, to prevent the issues that SL sometimes has copying landmarks from notecards that contain a large amount of attachments.

Any questions or need additional hints, please feel free to join our Hunters group by copy-pasting this into local chat:

.::| Sponsors (Stores 1-10)

#01: Mara’s Mysteries
Hint: Bears! Bears! Everywhere Bears! But only one Bear wears a Pink Bow

#02: Something New
Hint: Check for Cupids Arrow just watch out for the blood!

#03: Ghee
Hint: “What’s up Pussycat?”

#04: Drakes
Hint: The Heart can be found where Love and Pain intersect

#05: Enchanted Memories Home & Garden
Hint: What gift will you give your Valentine?

#06: Changed Seasons
Hint: “Perhaps the sound of falling water will lure the Cupid close”

#07: Tidbits
Hint: ♥❀ I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. ❀ ♥

#08: MOoH!
Hint: I am on cloud 9!

#09: AlaFolie
Hint: The fire of love

#10: Taox Tattoo
Hint: You will have to look meticulously at the legs …

.::| vendors

#11: Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Let´s bake something sweet!

#12: True North Designs
Hint: “Ahhhh, TIME to lay down flat for a bit of sweet peace!”

#13: The Cellar Door
Hint: Be careful not to burn the toast.

#14: SKIP

#15: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: Ilysia in red is perfect for this special day

#16: BoHo Valkyria
Hint: It is served Ice Cold

#17: Timeless Textures
Hint: Upstairs? Downstairs? Or somewhere INBETWEEN

#18: SKIP

#19: [CIRCA] Living
Hint: Light me up and I’ll keep you warm!

#20: Grumble
Hint: In chains.

#21: Sweet E’s Designs
Hint: Everyone Love a Sale

#22: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Waiting for you on the counter.

#23: Gross Princess
Hint: What a lovely heart dress!

#24: NUTS Inc.
Hint: Have you seen those old albums in the coffeecorner?

#25: Captured Waters

#26: Special Impressions
Hint: Behind Framed in PINK!

#27: SKIP

#28: SKIP

#29: Nefeli’s Gestures
Hint: Join group

#30: SKIP

#31: Third Moon Creations – G!A
Hint: Lit By the Lamps

#32: #bye – best you ever!
Hint: You’ll find me among the Cupid’s.

#33: Liberte
Hint: I need to be with my friends forever!

#34: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Do you have ALETA crush on anyone?

#35: Reina Photography
Hint: Mania hits at midnight!

#36: SKIP

#37: Aster’s Builts
Hint: I have 4 of these, im in one of them arent they cute? find me!

#38: Lurve
Hint: Don’t table the idea that you’ll find a nice hunt gift here!

#39: Feli’s Framed U
Hint: I Have to check with the Mrs.

#40: Luziefee
Hint: Tip Toe through the tulips

#41: Epicine
Hint: 1L for 1 hour!

#42: Ripley Bay
Hint: This won’t hurt a bit….

#43: Zinner Shapes & Gallery
Hint: I am an angel not a little monster.