Cupid’s Crush Hunt – Hint List

Last Updated: February 4th, 2020

Update: Because of the broken hunt objects that were discovered during the beginning of the hunt, the ending date of the hunt has been extended to March 4th.  So the hunt will run from now (February 4th) through March 4th, 2020.  Hopefully this will still give you a full month to complete the hunt and will make up for the few days of broken objects.

Thank you for your understanding!

** As a reminder, this is a L$2 hunt, so all prizes will be L$2 each. **

Any questions or need additional hints, please feel free to join our Hunters group by copy-pasting this into local chat:

.::| Sponsors (Stores 1-5)

#01: Wendy’s Whimsy
Hint: Playing in the dirt is fun!

#02: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Think Helga could put a crush on you?

#03: Bittersweet + Strange Poses
Hint: That new thing? Let me see if we have it in the back.

#04: Modern Nostalgia
Hint: I love this Romper

#05: DarkBetty
Hint: Let’s Go Bowling!

.::| vendors (Stores 6-36)

#06: Changed Seasons
Hint: JULIA is busy seeking Cupid’s Crush….can you find her?

#07: Splintered Creations
Hint: Good FRIENDSHIP, Good BEER and Good music

#08: SKIP

#09: Mara’s Mysteries
Hint: Bears! Bears! Everywhere Bears! But only one holds a Red Valentine Heart

#10: rack@SteamingAhead
Hint: Electric Cupid?

#11: USC Textures
Hint: There’s a lonely bear who would love a hug

#12: AlaFolie
Hint: The fox and the geranium

#13: Timeless Textures
Hint: Are you a LEATHER or Lace type of lover?

#14: OMG! Inc.
Hint: Am I going to get lucky?

#15: Beloved Jewelry
Hint: Hearts look good on tables.

#16: Zinner Shapes & Gallery
Hint: I am very tired and I would like to rest for a while

#17: Sassy Brats
Hint: How can it be a home without me??!!!

#18: Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: Mini dresses decked out with ruffles, Unita has your gift

#19: Shinu Made  (2 objects)
Hint #1: 13 and 15 went onto a Date. They sit to take a drink and saw then a Light Cheese following a light ghost, but in the middle and between Oh surpise! Who would ever imagine, that there were your prize?
Hint #2: By the Power of The Moon, a Senshi your prize take could. Maybe Mars, Maybe Mercury? Take the control, look up, now you see it? It’s yours, take it and say thanks to the moon

#20: Lurve
Hint: Come inside to enjoy the majesty of the old tree

#21: [CIRCA] Living
Hint: Find the Blooming Path to guide you near something black where the orchids grow!

#22: Ari-Pari
Hint: Balloons, and Roses and Bears… Oh, My!

#23: Miss Jewell
Hint: Shining Franchinsing

#24: Grumble
Hint: I’m a BAD GIRL!

#25: Applique Chic
Hint: XoXo’s For Valentines

#26: NUTS Inc.
Hint: My heart is bleeding!

#27: LUNA Body Art
Hint: Goth or Gothic?

#28: Harambee Gwassi
Hint: Where you see ‘Love you Stranger’ vase

#29: Luziefee
Hint: Hear my heart beating

#30: Flowers and Things
Hint: I am tired and looking for a bed – look in the lake

#31: Art & Fashion
Hint: Look for Cupid’s Red Heart Only Inside the Store:*A Heart always hides behind a Mask*.

#32: Couture Chapeau
Hint: Where WISHes come true

#33: MystRie
Hint: Always Be Careful on Winter Ice

#34: Reina Photography
Hint: To find this prize just look up high

#35: Sherbert
Hint: Did this break off the end of Cupid’s arrow?

#36: Nefeli’s Gestures
Hint: You need info?