Cupid’s Crush Hunt 1 & Team Opportunities!

Hey guys!  This is Harmony/Tivi/Peace/PocketGinger… I’m running out of things that you CAN’T call me, to be honest.  *laughs*  I’m sure some of you are confused about why a whole other website, group, and avatar exists… and some of you are worried about what this means for POE, so let me explain, hopefully quell some of your fears, and also announce some exciting things.

When I was first thrust into the running of Peace On Earth Hunt 5 years ago, I was convinced I wouldn’t survive the first year.  That I would hate it, that you all would hate me, that no one would want it to keep going unless Sequoia came back to SL.  It was a rough, rocky year, but you know what, we survived.  And from that point on, it’s always been my goal to make POE better each year, and to continue it as long as Designers and Hunters want it.

That isn’t going to change.  Peace On Earth Hunt still isn’t going anywhere until you all tell me you’re done with it.

But I also have fallen in love with Hunts in Second Life all over again to the point that I want to go outside the box, do some more creative things and themes, but I want Peace On Earth to always remain as it is.  I want it to always be free for hunters, I want it to always be in December as an awesome holiday tradition for you to do with your friends and family, and I want it to always be wintery and Christmasy and Peace themed hunt prizes.  And I think that’s what you all want too, because you keep coming back to hunt year after year.

So when I decided I wanted to branch out into more and different things, I decided it would be best if I did so from another avatar and started a bit of a Production company to run all of these hunts through.  So that POE can remain as it is – it’s own separate entity… and Pocket Ginger Hunts can be whatever we want them to be, really.  We can experiment, be creative, test some new features for the system we use, and just overall have a good time doing what I have fall in love with again.

That being said, welcome to Pocket Ginger Hunts.  If you’re a Designer who has rekindled your love for hunt participation through POE for the last few years, please feel free to fill out our Designer Application for our first hunt, Cupid’s Crush Hunt 1 that will take place February 1st-28th, 2019!  You can find that application HERE.

If you’re someone who has always been curious about how you can help out with POE or other hunts, feel free to apply to join the Team for Pocket Ginger Hunts!  We’re looking for a Blogger Liaison, Group Chat Moderators, and Flickr Moderators.  You can find that application HERE.  And who knows, if we like what we see from you, we may bring you over into the POE team as well!

Bloggers and Media Partners – we haven’t forgotten you!  Keep an eye out in January for your applications to open!

Thank you all again for being the amazing, wonderful people that you are.  Whether you’re a Designer who stuck with me through the rough patches to come out on the other side with a (I think) smooth process now, or if you’re new to Hunts and want to give it a shot.  If you’re a blogger who’s been there, or if you’re new and looking to get exposure to all sorts of different creations and Designers.  I would not be here, doing this, and doing truly what I love, without you!

♥ Harmony (Tiviyah Resident
Owner/Founder || Pocket Ginger Hunts
Hunt Director || Pocket Ginger Hunts